Tips to help you free of cigarettes

The idea is to change how you think and what you do, to reduce or eliminate your exposure to the things, people and situations that make you want to smoke, or that reduce your chances of success.

  • Eliminate a cigarette break by doing something else that you enjoy.
  • If people offer you cigarettes, say no.
  • Challenge some of your preconceived ideas or clichés concerning your relationship with cigarettes (e.g. “cigarettes are my best friends”, “it’ll never be as enjoyable with a beer, a coffee, etc.”, and so on).
  • Do things with non-smokers.
  • Smoke your first cigarette of the day later than usual.
  • Smoke a few less cigarettes each day.
  • Keep your pack of cigarettes, matches or lighter and ashtray out of reach.
  • Eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke from your clothes, your home, etc.
  • Reduce or avoid coffee, tea, cola and alcohol for as long as it takes.
  • Avoid negative thoughts; concentrate instead on your motivators and goals.
  • If you’re a woman, schedule your quit date after your monthly period, when the withdrawal symptoms will be less severe.
  • An urge to smoke lasts less than five minutes.  Every time you feel an urge, find something else to do (preferably something you enjoy), and your urges will come less frequently.  This is how you will succeed in deprogramming yourself.